Slip Rings for Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting

Slip Rings for Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting

Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings are the ideal solution for a variety of industries and applications, including ultrasonic fabric cutting, due to the following benefits:

  • Higher efficiency: They can transmit more power and data with less loss than traditional brush-type slip rings.
  • Longer life: Designed to last longer than traditional brush-style slip rings; with no maintenance, making them more cost-effective.
  • Compact design: More compact than traditional brush-style slip rings, which makes them easier to install and use
  • Improved signal quality: They can transmit more accurate data and are energy efficient.

Slip Rings for Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Ultrasonic fabric cutting uses high-frequency vibrations to cut through various types of fabrics quickly and precisely, leaving clean sealed edges, without fraying.

These machines typically have a generator that creates ultrasonic vibrations through a transducer. The vibrations are amplified by the ultrasonic horn. The cutting blade attached to the horn vibrates at a frequency between 20 and 40 KHz which softens and melts the fibers of the fabric, enabling efficient clean cuts. In order to cut curves and angles the blade needs to be rotated so that it is directly facing the cut.

In order to rotate the ultrasonic cutter head, brushless slip rings play a critical role in providing the continuous electrical connectivity that this application requires. They enable the stationary controller to transmit the necessary ultrasonic signals to the rotating head of the machine responsible for the cutting, eliminating the need for wire twisting, which can often result in operational disruptions and inconsistencies.

Mercotac brushless slip rings eliminate the following issues that come with using a traditional brush-style slip ring: wear due to friction with the conductive rings, electrical noise, and frequent maintenance.

Mercotac’s low-friction, low-resistance brushless slip rings ensure stable and consistent power transfer to the ultrasonic generator head, enabling precise and efficient fabric cutting.

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