Slip Rings used in Electroplating

Slip Rings used in Electroplating

Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings have established themselves as the premier choice across a wide range of industries and applications, including for electroplating and electroforming. Their exceptional performance stems from a multitude of advantages, which include:

  • Continuous 360° rotation with uninterrupted electrical connectivity.
  • Low torque for smooth operation.
  • Durable and long-lasting without maintenance.
  • Features low electrical resistance for optimal power efficiency.
  • The ability to handle power and data signals simultaneously through a single, compact brushless slip ring.

These unique features make Mercotac slip rings the ideal solution for electroplating, electroforming, and various other demanding applications. With their unmatched reliability and versatility, Mercotac slip rings provide a significant advantage to industries seeking high-performance electrical connections.

Mercotac brushless slip rings are used to make electroplating applications more efficient. They offer high capacity, zero maintenance, low rotational torque, and reliable power transfer without degradation.

Electroplating lines for strip materials such as wire and electrical terminals require a high current constant electrical connection for controlled deposition of metal ions onto a surface. These lines typically use a rotating electrode or wheel to make the connection to the moving strip of material. In these systems, Mercotac slip rings play a vital role by ensuring a continuous electrical connection to the parts being plated. This uninterrupted stable power transfer enables efficient and reliable electroplating, resulting in high quality finished products.

A similar process, called electroforming, electroplates metal onto a rotating form to create a part which is usually complex. An example part for this process is a metal bellow. Once again, Mercotac slip rings provide the superior connection to the rotating form which acts as an electrode.

Mercotac slip rings are compact in size, making them easy to integrate into existing electroplating systems without taking up much space. With their enhanced performance, no maintenance, and increased productivity in electroplating processes, they offer a superior solution. In addition, their low torque allows them to be used where brush type slip rings cannot.

By using Mercotac slip rings in electroplating lines and electroforming, one can benefit from their long-life performance, efficiency, and superior results. Experience the revolution in your electroplating applications by exploring our range of Mercotac slip ring products.

Slip Rings used in Electroplating

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