Slip Rings for Robotics

Slip Rings for Robotics

Mercotac® Brushless Slip Rings have been the preferred option in numerous industries and applications, especially in robotics and automation. They offer several advantages, including:

  • Wire breakage risks eliminated
  • 360-degree rotation capability
  • Long-lasting stable connection without maintenance
  • Low resistance
  • Ability to handle power and data signals using a single, compact brushless slip ring.

The field of robotics is experiencing rapid growth, with slip rings playing a crucial role in power and signal transfer between stationary and rotating components. Mercotac slip rings are highly regarded in the industry and are frequently employed in robotic arms and other robotic mechanisms to ensure precise and uninterrupted operation.

Slip Rings for Robotics One of the primary uses of Mercotac slip rings in robotics is enabling continuous rotation of robot arms and other movable parts. Without a slip ring the rotation would have to stop after a certain amount of turns and then rotate in the other direction to unwind the wires. This improved capability enhances movement flexibility and eliminates wire entanglement issues.

As a result, Mercotac slip rings are necessary in robotics systems that require continuous 360-degree rotation due to their dependable and low-maintenance design. These slip rings enable seamless and uninterrupted movement by transferring power and data signals between stationary and rotating robot components.

In robotics applications such as automated guided vehicles, welding robots, and pick-and-place machines, cable reels incorporating Mercotac slip rings might be employed. These cable reels facilitate power and control signal transmission to the equipment, ensuring reliable and accurate operation. The rotating reel which feeds the cable needs a slip ring for the electrical connection. Brushless slip rings are an ideal choice for this application due to their maintenance free design and stable low resistance electrical connection.

In various robotic applications, including robotic arms and grippers, the Mercotac 230 and 330 slip rings are commonly utilized. If low current is a requirement of the application, then the model 205 or 305 (which feature two and three conductors respectively) would be a good choice.

Slip Rings for Robotics A prevalent application of Mercotac slip rings in robotics is found in manufacturing and assembly lines, where they are frequently used in robotic arms. The model 830 featuring 8 conductors, in particular, is a popular choice due to its compact design and the ability to handle up to 30 amps of current per conductor and at the same time signals for sensors or data. Additionally, other choices for robotic joints that could be used are the model 430 featuring four conductors, or the Mercotac model 630 featuring six conductors, both having a compact design, low torque, and suitable for power or data.

Mercotac slip rings also find use in mobile robots deployed in search and rescue missions or hazardous environments. These robots are sometimes controlled through an attached cable which is fed out by a cable reel. These rotating reels require a slip ring for the electrical connection. In addition, the design of the robot might require continuous and unrestricted movement or use a rotating video camera, so it would require a slip ring to maintain the power and data connections. For such applications, Mercotac offers a range of slip rings and accessories to protect them.

A unique application of Mercotac slip rings is in underwater robotics, where they are utilized to transmit power and signals to various sensors and tools on the robot. Slip rings used in this application must possess excellent sealing properties to prevent water ingress and damage to the components. For this type of application, customers must design tightly sealed enclosures to house the Mercotac units, which are usually filled with an inert nonconductive fluid like oil.

Overall, Mercotac slip rings have established a reputation for their reliability and efficiency across a wide range of robotic applications. They excel in signal transmission, electrical connectivity, and rotational speed, making them a superior choice for demanding robotic systems.

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