Slip Rings for Spinning Lights

Slip Rings for Spinning Lights

Mercotac Brushless Slip Rings have proven to be the optimal choice across many industries and applications, including spinning lights, due to the following benefits:

  • Compact design: More compact than traditional brush-style slip rings, which makes them easier to install and maintain.
  • Long life: Designed to last much longer than traditional brush-style slip rings, which means they are more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Maintenance-free: They can operate for years without the need for lubrication or cleaning.
  • Improved signal quality: Improved signal quality, which means they can transmit more accurate data or sensitive electrical signals.

In addition to these benefits, Mercotac brushless slip rings also offer extremely low electrical noise and less than 1 milliohm resistance. All these features make them ideal for spinning lights.

Slip Rings for Spinning Lights

Spinning lights are used in various applications, such as:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Warning beacons
  • Entertainment displays
  • Lighted articulating arms

Rotating lights use a light source, such as an LED, that is surrounded by reflective surfaces to direct emitted light into a concentrated beam. Slip rings are the electrical connection to the rotating light source which creates an eye-catching alarm effect when the moving lights bounce off reflective surfaces.

There are also manual lights that require 360-degree rotation where wires cannot be use as they would twist up and break.

Mercotac brushless slip rings do not utilize brushes so there are no physical contacts to wear out over time. This provides the unique benefits of:

  • Minimized electrical noise
  • Much longer lifespan
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Low rotation torque

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